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Angle iron and brake press

Our Conception

Because every detail has a purpose

Azimut is inspired by industries such as aeronautics and their advances to offer a superior product.

The Azimut Group has more than 40 years of experience in the conception and manufacture of equipment in multiple fields. The unique experience of each member of the group offers knowledge and ideas that allow Azimut to stand out from the competition with superior products. Take a moment to look at our conception and understand the difference of Azimut ...

Our conception


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You will find the trailer you need in the Azimut range. Find the right trailer for your lifestyle.

Azimut trailers available throughout Quebec, Ontario and more ...

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Superior Manufacturing

Azimut trailers are manufactured with precision and thoroughness

  • Robust stainless steel structure
  • Welded and Riveted for increased strength
  • Flexible electrical cable even in cold weather
  • Dried and planed wood